For Immediate Release (Monday, Sept. 17)


It is with disappointment and great reluctance that I must announce that I am no longer able to seek re-election to the City Council seat that I have proudly held these past four years and am immediately suspending my re-election campaign.
My younger brother Tom was involved in a near fatal vehicle collision in Louisville, KY on June 16th. He was rear-ended at high speed, is still hospitalized, and struggling with the medical, legal and financial after-effects of that life-changing incident.

As his legal representative and the only immediate family member with the skills needed to assist him with many of his needs, I have had to wrestle with the demands of ensuring that Tom has the care and resources he’ll need for the remainder of his life and have come to recognize that it is impossible for me to commit to another four years of service on the City Council at this time.

Just a short while ago, when I submitted my re-election signature petition, I thought I would be able to manage assisting my brother, while also running a successful re-election campaign and continuing to serve our community on the City Council. Over the last few weeks, however, my brother’s situation has become more complicated than I ever could have anticipated, to the extent that I can no longer sustain all of these commitments with the level of engagement I believe they deserve. My attention now must be focused on doing everything I can to support Tom and ensure that his recovery is the best possible - both medically and financially. As I hope everyone will understand, I have to be able to sustain the work of caregiver and advocate for as long as my brother needs me.

I am profoundly grateful for the efforts of my campaign team, for the encouragement and collaboration I have enjoyed from my colleagues on the Council, and from the enthusiastic support of residents throughout Laguna. It has been my honor to serve Laguna Beach as Mayor pro tem, as a Council Member, as a Planning Commissioner, and as a Design Review Board member. I remain as passionate as ever about the unique City we all love and will serve out the balance of my term on the Council to the best of my ability.